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good morning. a big stink in one bay area neighborhood. what is causing that awful smell. and overnight explosion and fire in one of the bay area's most affluent areas. some critical questions still need to be answered. a crackdown on cutting classes. a controversial decision in concord, just hours ago. election the bug that could ruin the summer for many bay area campers. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, july 13th. well, overnight, right now, the cause of an early-morning fire in atherton is under investigation. now, this fire started at a
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home on mount vernon lane at about 3:00 a.m. at this at this house. part of the house is currently under construction. we were able to find out everybody inside got out safely. san francisco police are investigating two similar overnight robberies that happened within blocks of each other. the first one was on stockton and sutter streets at 1:00 a.m. the second one happened just a couple of blocks down ton sutter, 45 minutes late r. in both of the cases, the suspects punched the victims in the case, stole their valuables and then ran off. police don't have details of the suspects yet and it's not clear if the cases are related. neighbors in 2001 vallejo neighborhood are fine itly getting mail after it was suspended for days -- for days. the reason -- a chihuahua.
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claudine wong has more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. i just got off the phone with the postal service. they said, look, we have a dog policy because nationwide there it are more than 5,000 dogs a year. they don't discriminate. they said if their carrier feels unsafe, then they will suspend service at a neighborhood and that's it exactly what happened here in vallejo. let's introduce you to the dog that caused all of this mess. this is a chihuahua named mocha. he's 1 1/2 years old. he's lived in the neighborhood a few months. neighbors say they've seen this dog running around. we haven't found anyone who said this dog has been a problem. apparently, the postal carrier who walks this neighborhood disagree this happened thursday. the woman said the carrier walked by. she said her dog ran over to him and circled him a few times. she said the carrier got upset. it the next thing she knew all
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of the neighbors got letters in their box telling them service would not resume until the dog was taken care of. that meant friday, saturday, hund, they didn't get their mail. they had to go down to the post office to get it. they weren't happy about that. >> overreaction. simply overreaction. i could say if it was a pit bull or a rottweiler. but a chihuahua? come on? what can a chihuahua do it? it. >> reporter: your neighbors said they went around to apologize to everyone. >> yes, they it did. i appreciate that. that shows that they it are holding up their responsibility of what's happened. >> reporter: the owner of mocha also says she sur ended her dog because -- surrendered her dog. mail did start back yesterday. now, the postal service told me just a few minutes ago that they don't require the owner to get rid of their dog.
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they require the dog be put a leash or be put in the house whenever the postal carrier would come by. they've also put a dog warning tag inside the mail carrier bag for this neighborhood so that any mail darier who comes by -- carrier who comes by knows this is a problem. it it has caused quite a stir in this neighborhood. neighbors just say, look, we're happy thins it are getting back to normal. live in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:04. a memorial service is set to get underway a few hours from now for one of the victims of the tragic fishing trip it in mexico. leslie yee is the only person confirmed so far. his body washed ashore after the boat capsized and sanked off baja on july 3rd. the coast guard is no throwner losing for the seven still
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missing but families say they it will push for it that. police say 22-year-old it it -year-old paul tamai -- police say 22-year-old paul tamai got washed away it while surfing. 7:05, it. uwalami camp in berkeley is it back open. bolt of the camps are right outside yosemite -- both of the camps are right outside of yosemite park t tests show the norovirus is it part of the
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reasons. results are not back for the it tests at camp mathers. they are checking the food and bathrooms and scouring with disinfectant. new this morning, a healthier choice for kids when they take them if out to eat. 19 chains, including burger it king, will stop putting fridays and soda ton it the menu. they -- on the menu. it parents will be asked if they it two fluke something healthier like milk or juice -- if they it would like something healthy itier like it juice or milk. and a sue an it it smell. jade hernandez has more -- and a sewage smell. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: this is in proximity to nearby homes.
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we moved locations to find of show you the area around this neighborhood. the city ordered the plant to shut down last fall because of that bad smell and how that smell was pay effecting residents. the problem is that -- afifthing residents. the problem is smell steams to persist for residents in richmond even though the plant has been shut down. when we arrived, we smelled for any unusual smells but it we haven't encountered any odors. residents say the smell can cause nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing. it the website is monitoring hydrogen sulfide it. what you are looking at here is the city's website giving phone numbers. as of right now, the -- the city is installing weather sensors to determine where the gas is comeping from.
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-- coming from. it appears the movement of the slewage slog from the plant may be it what's causing recent odor issues. right now the city is still trying to confirm that. now, we took this video of the violia water plant sewage this morning. it officials shut down operations back in october after according to a contra costa county times article, a tear it allowed the release of the hydrogen sulfide. the sulfide is the reduction. breakdown of organic material. i got off with the spokesman and he's gonna sit down with me a little later on and explain the issue. we'll have more for you on "mornings on 2." jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a congressional hearing is happening right now, investigating reports that american airports are still vulnerable to terrorist attacks. coming up at 7:15, we'll have a
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live report from washington, d.c. about the high number of suit breaches at the airports it -- security breaches at the airports. we want to check in with sal now. >> we have just made aware of airport delays at san francisco airport. with the weather the way it is, the planes are dumbing in at the regular -- coming in at the regular acceptance rate. the delays are reported up to an hour now. it could get worse as the day goes on. check with your carrier at sfo. let's take a look at the track here on highway 24, la fayette. it looks pretty good getting out to the tunnel, tunnel. traffic does move well. once you get on the other side, there it will be a little bit of slowing for you. we're looking at the toll plaza, it's about a moderate delay. if you see all of the people coming in from 80, not a huge delay there, so far, anyway. this morning if you are on the
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east shore freeway, traffic looks good. westbound highway 4 as you come through the alhambra road area. there's a minor accident now causing delays. 7:09. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we could sit there and stay drizzle. for it some it's light rain. when it's start clicking along, it's light rain. there it are a few breaks in the clouds but there's a -- but there's a big fog bank out there. light, mist, drizzle. there it will be saunted. very cool for july. high pressure is in the middle of the country, it really -- it's reluctant to move back fot west, maybe slowly it will. the temperatures aloft are cool. but you get these systems kind of rotating around like spokes in a wheel. as it comes by, it kind of squeezes out available
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moisture. even sacramento, they it will be barely at 80 degrees today. west-southwest wind. from the golden gate to sfo and out over san pablo bay and all the way out to the delta, it's a sea breeze in place. san jose, 60. everyone else in the 50s. 56 redwood city. a lot of mid-50s due to the cloud cover. everyone is just stuck. we had two of them in june making it all the way down here. it's just sitting there. as to does that gives us the low overcast, drizzle, light rain, cool and windy for some even with the sun today, but temperatures for july, they've taken a big plunge there. let's level off there tomorrow and start a warmup. emphasis on slow there. some light rain, mainly at the coast and bay. cooler inland, by that i mean lake county where clearlake
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will only be 76. sonoma, 71. 6 kentfield. fairfield only 72. pittsburg, 74. hayward, 66. alameda, 60. berkeley 62. mid-70s. 60s on the peninsula or very low 70s, maybe atherton, puerto low valley. 59 -- portola valley. all right. thank you, steve. 27:12. new information -- 7:12. just in from ben ber -- bernanke. and how a new bill could give homeowners some protection from the juggling market. and new -- from the struggling market. and new problems for rode king. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
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alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. noom. she'll be back with us -- in our washington, d.c. newsroom. she will be back with us -- in fact, she's back with us now. you can mare me? >> reporter: i can. let's get right to a live look at this morning's hearing. this is the house oversight and government reform hearing. we're actually watching in the
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hearing room, a demonstration of bomb-sniffing dogs. you can't see it in the shot we're getting. but some are saying these specially trained dogs that work for amtrak might be better equipped to detect threats at airports than some some of the equipment that's it deployed right now. we've been getting an earful from committee leaders as they express their frustration with the federal agency in charge of airport security. >> a lot of what we have been participating in here, in my personal opinion, has been security it it that's not done the -- that's not done the job needed. >> everywhere i turn, i'm apalmed at what's -- i'm appalled at what's taking place. >> reporter: 2001 shows there's 14,000 security breaches that involved passengers in entering limited access area. 6,000 involve passengers and
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their carry-on luggage making it through security checks without proper security. we'll keep watching this and have more coverage during nynex update. allison -- during my next -- my next update. back to you. >> thank you. at&t party conservatives immediately it criticized -- tea party conservatives immediately criticized mcconnell's plan that would give the president authority to raise the debt spending limit provided he makes corresponding cuts. that's in case the group can -- cannot come to an agreement. leaders will meet again faud p today. right now, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is testifying about monetary policy. and he just stayed the fed is
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ready to provide more sim list if the economic lull -- stimulus if the economic it lull exists. he laid out another round of treasury. and he maintains it tell it po rarely factors have lowed the -- temporary factors have -- have slowed the economy. 7:17. help could be on the way for millions of it homeowners struggling to keep a -- millions of homeowners struggling could keep a roof over their head. this will allow homeowners to modify their mortgage even if the house is worth less than what they wayed for it. this it bill seems to be gaining support from other lawmakers. >> i think people are waking up that it makes sense to help homeowners stay in their house. that report report is being supported by the if it it -- that report is being supported
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by the national realtors association. realtors in contra costa county stay the tax it base has gone down three years in a row and foreclosures make up most of the market. >> for the second time this year, california state tuft students have learned their tuition is going up. it yesterday, the board of trustees approved the 12% tu television hike set to begin next month. earlier this year, they passed a 10% increase, the $588 increase will put tuition pat all 23 csu campuses, at about $5400 a year. thisin the -- this does not including or books. it the regents are considering another hike. yesterday, the board begin a three-day meeting in sacramento. the president is recommending a 9.6% increase. that would raise tuition to
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about $12,000 a year and this two make up for an unexpected $150 million cut by the state. remember rodney king? well, he's been booked in a los angeles county jail on suspicion of driving under the influence. sheriff deputies say they pulled limb over yesterday east of it los angeles for breaking several traffic rules. it rodney king, as you know, is the victim of this videotape police it beating t several it l.a.p.d. officers were involved. that acquittal of the officers lead to the 1992 los angeles riots. ty recently appeared on the show "celebrity rehab" to talk about battling alcoholism. it the roof literally caved in for the minnesota viking fans last summer. remember look at those pictures. remember that? >> oh, yeah. >> well, guess what.
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a huge construction project started this morning. traffic is moving along well on highway 24 until you reach the willow pass grade. why is it slow here? that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set?
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i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
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♪rocketman ♪ >> it is 7:23. the "atlantis" straights woke up to the -- astronauts woke up to the elton john classic "rocketman." the astronauts are busy transferring supplies and equipment to the international space station and they it are stayed to return back to earth on july 21st. but first, tune into ktvu tomorrow morning -- i like that graphic there, it looks like
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star wars. we'll talk to the astronauts. at 6:26 on the morning news. san francisco will be center stable in the 2013 america's -- in the it 2013 america's cup race. as many as 11,000 people could rush to southern marin every weekend to watch the yacht race. and while this will pump in much-needed revenue, the city is worried about the crowds. so far covalla point is the only viewing point. extra security will be brought in to all parts of the marin shoreline. new this morning, a giant construction is it happening there it in minnesota. this is the metrodome. they it are busy out there. it it looks like they are
7:25 am
having fun. they hope to finish the summer. you remember this, the cave-in. huge amounts of snow fell on the football field. the roof, the material they are getting in now is said to be stronger than steel. it's designed to stand up to even the most powerful storms in the winters of minnesota. >> even if they finish it, there still may not be a season. they are still it trying to negotiate the contracts. >> that's right. >> the nfl. let's talk in with sal. i know you were probably busy watching the all-star game let's take a look at the commute now. we are looking at the drive on 880 here. i'm gonna circle this. there we go.
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see that. 0, 0. you can see the -- 8 0, you can see -- 880. you can see we have traffic along northbound 101. i want to move this up to the peninsula where traffic is doing very well in case you are thinking about taking a flight today. you have a business flight. call your airline, there may be airport delays at sfo. let's take it a look at thrive pictures now. the traffic is moving it along slowly. it's not affected by the weather. steve it has been saying, -- okay. let's it just call it what it is. light rain on the san mateo bridge in parts of the peninsula. let's go to that frank talker, steve. >> well, i agree, sal. it is light rain but drizzle being reported. tori even said danville. when morgan hill gets it, that's it big.
7:27 am
throw cloud deck. everybody is staying cloudy. my friend dan here said i can see a few sunbreaks t maybe there is a couple of where you are. santa rosa should be 85 today. san jose tud be -- should be 82. today we're forecasting 70. livermore, 8. should be -- 88. should be. it there is a little system kind of spinning around the big system and that's enhancing our fog bank. the sea breeze is there, the wind will pick up. 50s and 60s. a couple of very slow 60s in the santa clara valley. that's the system there moving into oregon. our weather stays really it cool. light rain, mist, drizzle. whatever you want to call it. it 50, 60s and 70s on your temperatures today. there their be a warmup, not
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much but somewhat -- but somewhat. new information about the college student kicked off the plane because of his saggy pants. a desist was just made -- it a decision was just made from the district attorney.
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there's a daytime curfew that could take effect this fall. it requires all public school students to be in class during interesting school hours or face hefty it fines. concord tea police chief is among those supporting the curfew. >> we want them in school where they it interest learning and not subject to be aing -- to being a crime -- to being either a crime suspect or crime victim. >> parents would get a -- the same fine that the students would get. oakland residents are divided on where to build a dog park. the oakland tribune reports one group wants to build it along
7:32 am
macarthur boulevard and lakeshore. another group wants it at the police horse stables on bellevue right behind the fairy land. the issues include, money, space and how it will affect local businesses. the price of owning a cat in san diego may be going up. the city auditor wants to force cat owners to license and immunize the cats. it their cost about $25 per cat. while some cat owners already rental ster and vaccinate their pets. other says it their cause problems they say requiring people to do this and charging them their lead to more cats being abandoned. it's not exactly the super bowl, but former 49er star joe montana scores again by a 5-1 vote. the santa it clara city council last night agreed to lease him than near the proposed stadium. they want to build a high-end
7:33 am
restaurant sports bar and hotel. and they pitched -- he pitched the plan to the council himself. >> in hopes we could be sitting down and not be beating ourselves and it -- >> we've been looking for it a hotel here for 13 years. we have the opportunity for one to come with a sports bar that will be busy year-round. who wouldn't want to sit in the joe montana sports bar? >> the council ignored the opening up bidding. he has until 18 months to develop a plan. new this morning, san jose state university expects admissions to boom this fall. kraig debro is here now to tell us the university is taking some it it unusual stems when it comes to student housing. >> reporter: typically, student would be on a first come, first served basis but not now.
7:34 am
they have had so much demand, they are putting everybody on a wait list. whether or not it's because they've had an increased amount of people applying or if the people go to the school in greater numbers and are deciding they want to live on campus, we're not sure right now. i got a call into the spokesperson to find out why that is. they are gonna make a decision later on this summer. school will begin in late august. there's no time to waste. it's unclear if there has been an increase in the number of applications. there is a trule that if you are an incoming fresh itman and you don't live -- freshman and you don't live within the radius of the school, that can be a factor. i have a call into the spokesperson, i'm hoping to hear back and it dash hear back and get more details it about this. we're learning that deshawn marmon removed from a u.s.
7:35 am
airways plane at it for his it -- plane for his saggy pants will not face charges. >> what do we want! >> justice it! >> yesterday supporters gather fon the steps of city hall. they want a federal it investigation into the incident. this morning, the san mateo da has released a statement saying there is it's not enough evidence to file charges. they said marmon could have defused the situation but did not do anything illegal. >> prosecutors in the jaycee dugard case have removed dash it dash released disturbing movies. they it are made by far it far and nancy garrido -- guy phillip garrido it and nancy garrido. ♪ >> in this it clip nancy garrido if videotaped her husband playing at this park p
7:36 am
she quickfully turned -- park. she quickly turned the camera to little children. we've posted more clips from the garrido's home movies on our channel 2 website. just click on the jaycee dugard tab at well, ever since the san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e has been conducting pressure tests on pipelines. now there it are new concerns about how the pipelines will hold up against a big aircraft. the pipeline that blew up in san bruno had major welding flaws. according to pg&e documents several more miles of pipelines have the same problem. one report says pipelines crossing the san andreas, cal va veras and hayward faults two fail during an earthquake. let's check in with sal. >> all right, tori and dave. this morning, we do have some slow traffic because of the wet weather. light rain and drizzle around the bay area. we're looking at the bay
7:37 am
bridge. it looks like there may have been a stall up there. it's moderately heavy on that span getting into san francisco. we're looking at other parts of the bay. 237 stop and go, driving across 80. it's also slow from 101 getting into sunnyvale. of course we're looking at the peninsula. if you are taking a flight out of sfo, be aware there are air delays at least about an hour now because of the wet weather for planes coming into sfo t let's if go -- let's go to steve. >> fog, mist, drizzle, whatever you want to call it. low clouds and drizzle made it way inplanned. this is an unbelievably cool pattern. probably maxing out. light rain it, it cool, breezy. it when the low clouds lift this car and make this much of a surge you will usually see it it it break up. inland temperatures are too
7:38 am
cool. we've ushered in cooler air aloft. fog, sun, wind, slightly warmer by the weekend but really not a lot. the system might produce some shower activity. it has toward eureka or redding. some spotty light showers. probably more cool than anything else. you can see all of the low clouds and fog which are helped along. sea breeze has been in place all morning long. had gusts up to 30. kind of backed off a little bit due to the fog coming in. 50s for almost everybody, one low 60. that's san jose at 61. concord, it fairfield, 59. redwood city, mid-50s even in the north bay, the low which came dropping down. now, remember, back in june, we had two of these which gave us rain, it the mere fact that it makes it this far is really impressive. but for california, it's really just a cool pattern.
7:39 am
so low overcast. now, most of that starts to lift as we start to head into the 9:00, 10:00 hour. but cool for july as temperatures really, really take a tumble here. so low clouds, fog, sun. it's more cloudy now than anything else. there was fog earlier but that tends to lift. light rain or mist, cooler well inland, it can't get much cooler by the bay. they are already 50s and 60s. fairfield, only 272, sonoma 71. it 70 concord, it 68 in walnut creek. we had light rain, mist. dublin it. 66 hayward. alameda only 60. 76 morgan hill. 67 fremont. coop per tino only 70. i went with one low 7 -- one 70s. it 50s on the coast. and in the city, probably about 5 to 64 we'll go officially it.
7:40 am
changes to netflix and why many subscribers won't like it. it. and a final ceremony this morning to honor it former first lady betfy ford. we'll go live to southern california.
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right now, the dow is up
7:43 am
158. nasdaq is up just about 40 and s&p is up 16. 7:42. oakland-based pandora has reached another mile stone. the online radio service now has 100 million users. the announcement comes as the company is about to unveil a new look for the website. it will feature a new modern layout, faster time and play bar. the new pain will be available for it some users in the next few weeks. the booming demand for apple products is making the company the faster-grow the marriage -- major retailer in the u.s. in the first three months of the year, apple's stock rose by 4.6 billion. that's up 80% from the year before. the increase accounts for it 1/5th of all sales growth by publicly traded company in the u.s. some net flick users are up in arms over the company's plans to raise its prices by as much as 60%.
7:44 am
the lott got toes-based rental -- the los gatos-based service is separating the it plans. users who want both planes will have to pay $16 a month instead of $it 10. the increase takes effect immediately for new members. this has sparked an outrage on the facebook page with some members threatening to it cancel. it betty ford's casket is being flown to grand rapids, michigan. sandra endo is in palm desert, california right now about the two services. >> reporter: tell, good morning, tori -- well, good morning,er totry. in about 45 minutes we're expecting to see the ford family arrive here to the church. that's when they will have some private time at the church before it betty ford's casket
7:45 am
is transferred from here in palm desert to grand rapids, michigan. that their be her it final testing -- that will be her final resting place. but yesterday, a public memorial for so many getting a chance to stay goodbye to the first lady. roses blanketed the casket of the first lady, betty ford. drummers marched in precision for a woman who marched to her own beat. >> we celebrate her life, we joyce in the goodness of it and houp she lived it to its full. leaving no regrets only he -- only hope and joy. >> reporter: there it was a it eulogy from her one-time add ver sayry, and then her friend, rosa lynn it cart he. >> it -- rosa lynn carter.
7:46 am
>> it was a privilege to work with her to bring addiction and mental problems into the light. michelle obama, nancy reagan, as well as president bush all came to pay tribute to betty ford. she will be layed to rest in grand rapids it, it michigan next to her it husband. >> the overall ark of betty ford's thrive was be who you are. don't be afraid to get help. don't be afraid to share. >> reporter: and the funeral service set for tomorrow it in grand rapids, michigan is largely for it her family and invited guests. that service will remain private. that's the latest from here in palm desert, california, i'm sandra endo. back to you. >> thank you. 7:46. well, even the police were stunned by this next story. a disturbing case of domestic violence. i have to warn you, details are
7:47 am
graphic. in garden grove, 48-year-old catherine becker is accused of drugging and mutilating her husband police say when they arrived at the condo yesterday afternoon, they found beck esche's husband tied to the bed it -- becker's husband tied to the bed. >> the wife prepared the meal, the husband thought it tasted funny. that caused him to go lay back down ton the bed. that's when he passed out. hasn't when becker cut off his again know tills and it -- jenny tills and flushed them. she said he deserved it. well, mitt romney says he will not sign a controversial marriage vow created by a conservative group in iowa. this calms on presidential candidates to avoid adultery, oppose same-sex marriage and appoint it faith itful constitutionalists as --
7:48 am
faithful constitutionalists michelle barbman and rick santorum have -- michelle bachmann and rick santorum have both signed it. the president has a large fund-raising lead over republicans heading into the 2012 campaign. the republican presidential candidates collectively raised about $35 million during the same period. democrat janice hahn has won the race to fill a vacant u.s. house seat in southern california. hahn fought a hotly contested race against a republican opponent. the vacant seat was previously held by jane harman who resigned earlier this year to head the washington think tank. hahn, who is a los angeles
7:49 am
councilwoman ran and lost against gavin newsom. opening statements start today in roger klemm men's perjury trial. the -- roger klemm men's per -- roger klemm mon's perjury trial. clemens maintains he never used performance enhancing drugs during his record-breaking career. today, the treasury department is expected to announce a change in how savings bonds are bought. for the first time in 76 years, the paper bonds will no longer be sold at banks and at credituneiance. instead you will have to buy them -- credituneiance. instead you will have to buy them through the fresh itry direct t -- through the treasury death. a u.s. berkeley graduate spends a second birthday in an
7:50 am
iranian prison. the event his friends and supporters are holding tonight it in san francisco.
7:51 am
7:52 am
. welcome back. tonight a fund-raiser in san francisco will be held to mark the 29th birthday of shane bauer. he's one of the two uc berkeley still imprisoned in iran. bauer and josh fattal have been detained for almost two years. sarah shourd was released last september. shourd will speak at the fund trayser. it's scheduled at the -- fund trayser tonight. it's skeled it it at the center tonight tat 6:00. the money raised will go to
7:53 am
legal fees. freight trains could turn to sonoma, marin and napa counties as soon as today. the press democrat reports the know straw toe city council last night revised a legal settlement. the compromise with northwestern pacific railroad includes decreased it times. the bay area fans will get another chance to see some of their favorite american idol performers perform tonight. ♪ >> there they it are. last season's top 11
7:54 am
contestants hit the stable in oakland last night. the it gash stage in oakland last night -- hit the stable in oakland last night. tonight, the idol makes a stop at the hp pavilion. the tickets begin at $42. the excitement is building by the minute for soccer fans. the big event, now just one hour away. at 9:00 this morning, the u.s. women will face chance p france in the world cup semifinals. it score! team usa pulled off an incredible comeback win over brazil on stunned. the u.s. women are now just one win away from reaching their first world cup final since 1999. guess what. the game will be on that big screen right there. these it are live pictures. san francisco's civic center plaza right in front. san francisco's city hall. fans you can go there and watch the game beginning at 9:00 this morning and the price zero. it's free open to the public.
7:55 am
>> two bay area dentists are being credited for releaving an unusual patient. a tooth ache. in is a picture of it oscar the gorilla undergoing surgery. he had an abscess on one of his teeth. after a three-hour procedure, the abscess was removed and the tooth saved. they say oscar is recovering nicely. very -- [ laughter ] >> very nicely. hey, sal, what's happening on the roads? is it still wet out there? >> it is wet. it's drying off. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now if you are driving on the bay bridge approach, you will see some slow traffic. it's moderately heavy, it's not a huge delay. but you will be waiting there at the toll plaza. interstate 8 0 traffic -- 880 look looks it good. if you are driving to the
7:56 am
airport, check with your airport. the planes don't come in quite at the same rate. they turn around and they are late. 7:55. let's go to steve. well, from santa rosa to morgan hill and many inland locations we've had it mr. drizzle in parts of the city. .03 has fallen in parts of san francisco, south san francisco numerous reports of streets wet. even some light rain in extreme northern california. i two think the low clouds two get maxed out today. tomorrow should be a lot better. it just not much warmer we'll have more sun. west wind ripping through, all the tway out to sacramento valley. there it is a 16, livermore and san jose. a -- there is a 61. livermore and san jose. but overcast to the inland areas. that big, strong low visiting
7:57 am
portland is causing our weather to be it cool. low clouds, it 50s, 60s and 70s. airs are a good 15, almost -- areas are a good 2015, 20 below average. the drizzle, probably a decrease in that. i went partly cloudy, partly sunny. slightly warmer t not a lot. slight -- slightly warmer. not a lot. a crackdown on students who cut class. which bay area city could hit both students and parents with hefty fines.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. i'mer to itry campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, july 13th. the u.s. post pal service is investigating the suspension of mail service to a vallejo neighborhood. claudine wong is live with why a chihuahua named mocha is being blamed for all of this. >> garning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:00 am
yes. >> mail was suspended. if you take a look behind me, you can see residents usually have to walk outside their front door and the mail is right there. lately, they've had to go downto the -- downtown to the post office and get their mail. they are not happy about it. it's because of mocha who lives in the 500 block of this street. last thursday, mocha's owner, who did not want to go on camera this morning said mocha circled the carrier. the carrier got upset stand then it mail service left carriers -- there was a notice it in mailboxes in the neighborhood that it mail would be suspended until this issue was resolved. neighbors we talked to say the
8:01 am
whole post office overreacted. >> you haven't gotten your mail. >> no. >> did you finally get it yesterday? >> yes, we did. so hopefully they got the situation squared away. >> reporter: did you get a letter explaining why? >> yes, it bass because -- it was because the dog was running loose in the streets and it two be discontinued until further notice. the postal service says they've made a note of the problem and any say if it happens again, service will be suspended. the postal service says they have 5,000 dog incidents a year nationwide and stay these policies are in place to keep the postal carriers safe. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:01. the cause of an early-morning fire in atherton remains under investigation. it started at this home on mount vernon lane around 3:00
8:02 am
a.m., fire crews say there was an explosion before the fire started. part of the house is currently under construction. everyone inside made it out safely. wall knit creek police are searching for a man they stay robbed a bank at gunpoint. it happened yesterday afternoon at the bank of the west on north california boulevard. police say the man pointed the handgun at. the teller. a police dog traced the man sent to a nearby parking garage. he was not found. he's described as african- american in miss mid-20s, about 5'6". your time, 8:02. police are searching for a homicide suspect now wanted for it a -- for it a third killing. this is jonathan walker. police say he is now the suspect in a vallejo homicide that happened three years ago. take it a look at the video from the shooting scene from last month in vallejo that police are also connecting talker to. it police claim that talker shot and killed a man in the parking lot of this apartment complex.
8:03 am
talker is also a suspect in a san francisco shooting in jan. one man was killed. another was injured. police say walker is armed and dangerous. well, a memorial service will start in just a couple of hours from now for 2001 of the victims of the fishing both disaster in mexico. leslie yee is the only person confirmed dead so far. his body washed ashore it after the fishing boat capsized, then sank off the coast of baja, california, on july 3rd. the coast guard is no longer looking for the seven men still missing t however their families say they it will keep pushing lawmakers to have the coast guard resume the stoich. >> this morning we're also learning about the -- about the death of a man who died in hawaii. they say i was climbing a seaside cliff on monday when a -- when a wave knocked him
8:04 am
down. on saturday, david pots of san anselmo fell 20 feet down into a blow hole like this one on the island of maui. his body was never recovered. a search has been called off. 8:0 p -- 8:03. berkeley's tuolumne camp is back open after closure due to the stomach bug. precautions are being taken at it camp mather. both camps are located just outside of it it yosemite national park. tests show norovirus was to blame for sickening 75 people which reopened yesterday. results are not back for a small group of people with symptoms at camp mather. staffers say they are it scouring it food areas and bathrooms with disinfectants. new this morning, some of the it restaurant chains will mental healthier menus for their younger customers. 19 companies, including burg inking will stop automatically
8:05 am
adding soda and fries to the meals. clerks will now ask parents if they prefer more nutritious items such as milk and apples. denny's chile's and el pollo loco will also chain the -- join the chain. late fast, the -- late last night, the city it council approved a tough curfew. it requires all public schools to be in class during regular schools. the concord police chief is among those supporting this new curfew. he says students skipping class often end up in trouble. >> we want them in school where they are actually learning. >> now, first-time offenders will get a warning but the fines for the students skipping lass would then it begin tat $100 and climb to $500 for repeat offenders. parents would get the same fines if they knowingly allow their students to miss school.
8:06 am
8:05. pg&e is responding to its latest pr disaster. it is assuring victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion that it did not intend it to argue that they it were to blame for the losses they suffered in the disaster. pg&e says it has amended the court papers that created the uproar. those documents suggested some of the pipeline victims now suing the utility may have contributed to the disaster it by their own negligence. a congressional hearing is undertwa investigating reports that near itly a decade after 9/11 it u.s. airports are still vulnerable to terror attacks. coming up at 8:15 -- on the high number of security breaches despite billions of dollars spent on security improvements. 8:06. hey, sal, i know you are about to take us to the bridge t is it still wet out there? >> it is wet out there. this morning on the san mateo bridge you will see drizzle and
8:07 am
that's a -- that's also affecting flights coming into sfo. if you are driving out to the san mateo bridge or fossum of these peninsula areas, you will see some drizzle out there. this is the san mateo bridge as we take it to the bridge, which is the james brown, thing, right? you will see pretty drizzly traffic. i would stay light rain here. windshield wipers go, people slowing down. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. a lot drier here. it's backed up to the overcrossing. 880 a almost bit slow. this morning's commute very slow in concord. southbound from concord to walnut creek because of a it crash at rut gear road. if you are driving into the hayward area, also some stop- and-go traffic approaching an you accident at southbound 880, 92. this area is bad as well. and then we have slow traffic. kind of a trouble spot here. 101 at 92. all of a sudden, a lot of the
8:08 am
major choke points are it becoming very crowded. leave the house if you can earlier. we're gonna take it to the bridge, better take your umbrella. my goodness we have not only drizzle but light rain. if you go above the fog bank there's blue skies. if you want to call it light rain, that's fine by me. when you hear it in the gutters and puddles in the street, that looks like light rain. light rain -- light rain also. normal highs for this time. year should be 85. today, 72. san jose should be 83. today 70 but livermore closer to 88. it that's it a big dip ton those temperatures. it san francisco should be 6, they it will be 59. it they've lifted. they've moved all the way out to the delta and teen the sacramento valley. it that tell us, i think
8:09 am
alternate maxed out today, it will not be as extensive. southwest 16 at vacaville. i mean, that's like 40 miles an hour for vac ka ville if it makes it that -- it strakaville. if it makes it that -- vacaville, if it makes it that far. a all means cool, cool. 61 livermore, it 61 san jose, the system dropping down. unbelievably strong right there. high pressure is in the middle of the country. all of the forecast models keep trying to bring it back, bring it back. until i see the whites of its eyes i'm not going with it. and they've it been keeping the high as the low pressure hangs out. just slight warming inland. maybe we'll get back in the os but that to be the by the weekend. but the coast, it looks like 60s and -- 60s and 70s. july will be a cool pattern. light rain mist, drizzle.
8:10 am
you can call it whatever you want. low clouds fog, sun. 50, 60s. napa 72 petaluma, 6, same for walnut creek. an tic, 68. all right. thank you, steve. it is 8:10. new reports indicate it moammar gadhafi may be willing to step down. the demand the liberty leader is reportedly making as a condition of his resignation. look at what happened overnight in northern ireland. how an annual event led to all of this violence. and a new development in a prisoner strike. supporters say it's now a life-
8:11 am
or-death struggle.
8:12 am
8:13 am
if you are hanging out by the pool saying where is the sun, low clouds made it down to san jose inland all the way out to the sacramento valley, it should be breezy.
8:14 am
>> 8:13. overnight in northern ireland, police clashed with catholic militants. young catholics threw bottles and rocks at police. there's been violent in the area each july 12th for the past three years. there are reports that libyan leader moammar gadhafi has suggested he could be -- he would be willing to step down. one of those demands would be that he be able too leave in -- live in libya. rebels backed by nato have been trying since march to force the libyan leader to step down. 8:14. a congressional hearing right now is looking at thousands of security breezes -- breaches at the airports. alvin burns is watching it all
8:15 am
-- alison burns is watching it all. >> reporter: there it are about seven security breaches a day at airports in the united states. a report presented at this morning's hearing shows a total of 25,000 known security breaches since the it september 11th, attacks. 14,000 of them involved passengers entering limited- access areas 2002 permission. and 6,000 involve passengers and their carry on luggage making it through security checks. this is a live look where the agency in charge of airport security, the tsa is coming fund scathing criticism. the committee chairman expressed his frustration. >> the deep concern is what about the ones we don't know about and the creativity it and the things that can happen in the future? >> another new it investigation reveals that a lot of it tsa bomb screening equipment is not
8:16 am
meeting the latest standards, in fact, some of it is considered obsolete. alisonalison burns if, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal appeals court truleed that it it jared lou never can refuse antiit -- loughner can tree fuse anti- psychotic medication. he's accused in the january shooting pam page that killed six and -- rampage that killed six and injured 13, including gabrielle giffords. he was deemed men fally infit it to stan -- mentally unfit to stand trial. casey anthony is being sued by a texas search and rescue group. the group is called texas equisearch. they want to get back more than $100,000 they stay they spent searching for her daughter in 2008. as you know, last week, casey anthony was acquitted ton charges that she killed little
8:17 am
dash killed her little girl. the remains of little caylee were found six months after she disappeared. now, one of the jurors in the in the casey anthony trial says she's been harassed because of the not guilty verdict. >> you get home. everyone is mad at you. and the media is outside hounding you and making it clear she's not -- they are not leaving. >> she's juror number 3. she's as i getting hate mail. she said people should not blame the jury, it was just a lack of hard evidence that led to that not guilty verdict. protesters planned a news conference in san francisco later this morning. they it want to raise awareness about the strikes that several prisons including pelican bay.
8:18 am
they claim they've deteriorateed to critical levels. homeowners are hoping a new bill will provide them help. this will allow people who want to modify their mortgage, the opportunity to do so even if the home is worth less than the -- than what any paid for it. >> we are frustrated. houses -- price have gone down. >> the bill is sponsored by a republican senator from georgia. lawmakers with support from both sides, the bill could soon become law and this would provide a much-needed boost fot real estate market. we're getting if some reaction that mitch mcconnell's
8:19 am
backup plan it -- we're getting some reaction that mitch mcconnell's backup plan is it it it it getting criticized -- is getting criticized and it's been rejected. president obama and congressional leaders immediate gent today it trying to work out an -- meet again today trying to work out an agreement. well, ben bernanke is testifying before the house committee as we speak. he says defoughting. it -- defaulting ton this would cause tremendous problems for the u.s. he also says the u.s. is ready to provide more stimulus if this crisis continues and getting people back to work is a major problem. he maintains temporary factors have slowed the economy. he said they should fade it in the second half of the year.
8:20 am
it's 8:19. california becoming two states t the decision just made that brings the idea a little closer to reality. you can it definitely make some serious green in green hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
8:21 am
see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool! so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel, denim, converse one star shoes,
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denim, shaun white hoodies and denim. school takes a lot. target has it all.
8:23 am
the city of san francisco accuses a china town pastry shop of underpaying its workers. the examiner reports they are seeking to recover $440,000 in back pay. the city says the city worked 11 to 14-hour shifts and reportedly received just $3 to $4 an hour. the shop's attorney stays the people making the allegations are not -- are -- are not trust it worst they. workers claim the san jose it-based chain did not pay them it for all of their hours worked. they also say the company retaliated against them when they tried to improve working conditions -- conditions. pueblo has not responded to our request for comments. a new report says if you want to make money for -- make money protect the environment. researchers say there are now
8:24 am
$2.7 million clean it jobs nationwide. ranging from wind and ocean- based energy production. the median salary of green jobs is about $46,000 a year. san francisco and oakland oakland rank third among green jobs. san jose comes in fourth. san francisco's median wage is about $60,000 a year. riverside county will be hosting a state it-wide summit to -- state it-wide summit to discuss splitting california into two states. it comes with a catch. public money cannot be used for that summit t has to be pray -- paid for by private donations. they will take a look at the financial benefits of separating the 13 conservative southern california counties from the rest of the state. >> very interesting concept. >> yeah. >> 8:24. let's check in with sal.
8:25 am
let's focus in on the traffic it in the northern california part of the state. >> that's an excellent idea. er to itry and dave, good morning -- tori and dave, good morning. we have traffic all over the place t there are bright spots but 680 in concord, walnut creek. you need extra time. there it was tan earlier accident near rut geargear road. the morning commute is gonna be busy at the toll plaza. once you get ton the bridge, it looks good. but the worse teams seems to be on the peninsula. several crashes and wet weather. there have been crashes ton highway 1, 280, 92. that's because of light rain and drizzle in these areas. you might want to use 280 to get to the south bay. thank you. numerous reports drizzle or light rain. let's see on the tweets coming in. i said if you are a fan of cool
8:26 am
weather, they all said i'm a fan. i'm a fan. it does not get cooler than that. low clouds made it up to chico. got a tweet from car throws. low clouds dumb up the sacramento valley. we've probably maxed out on any low cloud deck. too tool aloft and 50s and 60s, very low 60s and mid-50s to upper 50s, that low turning off portland p portland is giving us the cooler weather. there's no sign of any big warm up that's for hour -- when it gets measurable or starts to make the streets wet and you have to use intermittent on the windshield wipers. temperatures should be close to 90. none even close to the p today. still freezy as we head into the attacked. >> all right, steve. 8:26. why there are new concerns about pg&e pipeline and whether they could survive a major
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
developing news happening coming from new york. police just arrested a man after the remains of a missing little boy were found inside of his refrigerator. 8-year-old libby kletzy disappeared monday afternoon in brooklyn, new york on the way talking to meet his mother.
8:30 am
now surveillance video showed a suspect, levi aaron, walking near it this little boy at the time he disappeared and then walking into a dentist's office. look at this video. his address it was tracked down using records from that dentist's office. now, not to get too graphic, some additional body parts of this little boy were also found inside of a suitcase in a nearby trash can just a couple of hours ago this morning. police say the suspect who has been arrested does not have a criminal record. we're watching all of this. you are -- this is the police commissioner of new york city. he's speaking. obviously, holding a news conference right now. in fact, i believe they are about to wrap up this news conference with the latest information. >> the individual was seen going into a building and the boy 2008ing on the corner. he waits there it approximately seven minutes. the individual then exits that building and that's it when he
8:31 am
gets in the car with the boy. you don't see him -- >> again, this is the police commissioner of new york detailing what they are finding out and what they know so far about the remains found of a little boy in new york remains found in a refrigerator of a man who has just been arrested t stay tuned. we'll give you more details it as the information comes in to us. also new this morning, san jose state university is expecting a boom in admissions this fall. kraig degrow now to tell us the university is -- debro is here now to tell us about the steps the university is taking. >> reporter: it's not great news for the san jose state university students. you just heard that the trustee voted to raise tuition. now this. on their website we're learning that san jose is telling kids that want to live on campus that they want to be on a 2008
8:32 am
list. typically, it would be first come, first served. but they say the demand is so great, they are working on the list and figuring out how they will place it people later on. now, i did speak to some students here who lived on campus in the past. they it told me that they felt it was highly -- highly unusual and unprecedented, it's not clear if it's an increase in the number of people aing mer a -- alooking it -- applying here if more people want to live on campus. again, we're waiting to hear from the spokesperson. all students who want to live on campus have to be on a wait list and when and where they get in will be here later this summer but of about school starts. it. >> thank you, kraig. >> it is 8:32. this morning, the district
8:33 am
announced that deshawn marmon the college student removed from a u.s. airways plane at sfo for his saggy pants will not face criminal charges. >> what do we want! >> justice it! >> what do we want! >> justice! >> yesterday supporters gathered it along city hall. they want supervisors to pass a resolution for the federal it investigation of the incident. this morning, the da replaced -- released a statement saying there's not enough evidence to file it criminal charges. it says he could have defused the situation but did not do anything it illegal. this evening, members of the immigrant community it will meet with the police chief about what they say are worsening relations with the officers. the meeting will take place at the sacred heart community it service on south first street from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. latino residents feel harassed even when they've done nothing wrong and many are not
8:34 am
reporting crimes for fear of deportation. they stay chief moore needs to build bridges for the community and support local solutions. 8:33. well, the complaints are growing in the east bay about a terrible odor. residents living near a sewage plan on canal boulevard say they are getting sick. it jade martinez is live in richmond with the details. >> reporter: well, dave. that's that smell can be the worse right here in front of washington elementary. neighbors in in area are 3600 people -- in this area from 3600 -- there are 3600. >> i'm concerned about the children tat the elementary school -- the children at the elementary school there. we've cooke, violia and they -- we've kaked violia and --
8:35 am
contacted viola sand they said they it would get back to us. they have not done that yet. hydrogen sulfide is produced during the breakdown of radioactive material. the problem is the smell has been persistent despite the shutdown. it's not clear when the 0 still ordered the -- when the city ordered this that it didn't cause this recent smell. it has to rule out whether it's coming from any source. so the city is installing weather sensors to determine just where that gas is coming from. no word when the results will be in. residents stay the foul, rotten- egg smell can cause difficulty breathing. as of right now, the city has decided to help it point richmond neighbors monitor air quality through the website which monitors it during
8:36 am
realtime. if the hydrogen it full side goes past -- sulfide goes a certain level over, it they interest notified. >> i just got an e-mail, as a matter of fact, day before yesterday that it exceeded the limits that it was supposed to stay under. >> one of the concerns other city council members is the ability get the web information in the community. there is is a user name and a -- there is a user name and a password. we'll continue to follow the story for you. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. prosecutors in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case have released some disturbing home videos. they it are made by her convicted kidnappers, far it far and nancy garrido -- phillip and nancy garrido. ♪ >> in this clip, nancy garrido videotaped her husband playing music at a part. she quickly shifts her camera
8:37 am
to videotape little children nearby. another home movie shows a parole agent searching an antioch home and has no idea jaycee dugard is being held captive 30 feet away in the backyard. >> we hosted -- posted more clips. just click on the idea idea tab at -- on the jaycee dugard tabb at the pipeline that blew up had major welding flaws and according to pg&e documents several more miles of pipeline had the same problems. 2001 report said it this would fail in an earthquake. well, even in retirement, former 49er star joe montana twins big. last night guy a 5-1 vote, the
8:38 am
it santa clara city council agreed to lease land near the stadium to joe montana and his business owners. they want to build a high-end restaurant, sports ball and hotel. montana pitched the plan to the council himself. >> it's always good to twin. it it. >> it's not preferential treatment. we've done it in the past. most projects have been done without them. >> the council ignored a staff recommendation to open up the bid rather than deal with joe mon tan it na and his team exclusively. they have -- montana and his team exclusively. they it have 18 months to work out this -- they have 18 months to work tout this plan. two groups cannot seem to agree ton a new dog park in the lake merritt area. the tribune says one group
8:39 am
wants it near fellview avenue behind children tea fairlyland. issues include money, space and the impact on local businesses. a park pea collision will take up the proposals this afternoon -- a park's commission will take up the proposals this afternoon. it stall? >> good morning. right -- sal? >> good morning. i want to show you the arrow i've drawn on this map just shows you how the slow traffic -- now it's improving a little bit. some of that red is turning to green. you will see some slow traffic on the peninsula. that's where all of the wet weather is across the bay if we're going to contra costa county, it there was an earlier accident. from concord to walnut creek, it's still pretty it slow. let's go to some of these live pictures. dave mentioned the toll plaza, well, it's improving there finally. we're getting a dry commute there as well t if you are
8:40 am
driving on interstate 880 any time soon, on the right, that's northbound 880. by the tway, oakland airport not experiencing it significant delays. san francisco sure is. you should check with your flight carrier. let's go to steve. it mist, drizzle, light rain is falling. the throw cloud deck making it all the tway out to the sacramento valley. it's a cool, cool pattern for us. it temperatures are a good 15, 20 degrees below average. 5 to 10 along the coast. even some light shower activities possible. a lot of cloud cover. it's the temperatures, though, that are -- well, they are way down there. normal high temperatures for it this time of the year. it santa rosa should be 5. today we're forecasting 72. san jose should be 83. it. it low, overcast again being helped along by a seasonably it
8:41 am
strong low. look at the picture here. the live stormtracker2, usually we're showing you rain. we're showing you the fog bank t west-southwest fairfield even out to sacramento. that's it if as good as it gets. i've been doing this a long time. once you see something like that. it's managed up -- maxed out. 50s and 60s. they will still be there until this low ejects out. it will bottom out and kind of it head on out but there's another piece of energy. the high is in the middle of the country, it shows no signs of moving. maybely slightly back to the west which will allow inland temperatures to get back in the 80s. low cast, drizzle, some of that -- some of that spells a below
8:42 am
normal pattern. fog, sun, low clouds. light rain, cooler inland. way inland up there towards clearlake. livermore at 70. same for it san jose. fremont own ply 67. 66 san mateo, 71 woodside. half moon bay, 59. menlo park a cool 67. slightly improving conditions less fog and i think more sunshine and a little bit warmer as we go into the weekend. thank you, steve. san francisco gets ready for big clouds during the america's cup but not everyone watching the yacht race will be heading to the city.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
residents in richmond say the bad odor from a nearby sue
8:46 am
an plant is making them it -- sewage plant is making them sick. air quality officials think that bad smell may be coming from the workers transporting the sludge away. the u.s. post pal service investigating the suspension of service to a neighborhood in vallejo. residents say the mail service was stopped after a mail carrier was harassed by in chihuahua named mocha. mocha's own ter says she's gotten rid of her dog. >> we're watching washington live pictures. there is it's federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. he's testifying about mon teartry poll sis -- policies on fed is ready to provide it more economic stimulus if identified -- if needed. he also warned the it national it debt limit are both concerns for the united states. we are now hearing at least ten people are dead and more
8:47 am
than 50 others are injured after three explosions in mumbai, india. those numbers could go higher. please say all of the explosions occurred in crowded places as people were leaving work. india's home minister has just said the blasts were a coordinated attack guy terrorists. if that's confirmed. it will be the first terrorist attack on mumbai in 2008 when 166,000 people were killed. it it developing news in afghanistan. five french soldiers were killed in it that country. :47. well, 7847. we've told you this before -- well, it's 8:47. 48-year-old catherine -- becker is accused of drugging and mutilating her husband. when police arrived at the condo yesterday afternoon police found becker's husband
8:48 am
tied to the bed. they say she drugged her husband and caused him to pass out. >> and when he woke he felt that -- that he was already tied to the bed and his 2005 was over the top of him getting ready to cut off his jen tail it ya. and -- genitalia. it. >> now, she's accused of cutting off his genitalias and cut putting them it from the garbage disposal. she called 911 and tome police her husband deserved it. according to court documents, he styled for divorce two months ago citing irreconcilable differences. well, mit frommeny will not sign a controversial marriage vow. mitt romney says while he strongly supports traditional
8:49 am
marriage, he says that mental contains undignified and inappropriate language. other candidates michele bachmann and rick santorum, they've signed that marriage vow. new this morning, roll's -- president obama's campaign manager says more than it $86 million has been raised by the president for his reelection campaign and for the democratic party during the past three months. that gives the president a low -- a large fund-raising lead over republicans heading into the 2012 campaign. republican presidential candidates collectively have raised about $35 million during the same period. janice hahn has won the race to fill a vacant u.s. house seat in southern california. hahn fot a hotly contested race -- hahn fought a hotly- contested seat previously held by jane harman who resigned to head the washington think sank.
8:50 am
hahn won and lost against it newsom for governor. the opening arguments start today in it roger clemons' it it per it -- clemons's perjury trial. prosecutors say he lied under oath when he denied taking performance-enhancing drugs. it is 8:50. just about. san francisco will be center stable for the 2013 america's cup yacht race. but the big raise will also have an impact on marin county according to preliminary reports. as many as 11,000 people could rush to southern marin every weekend to watch the race. while this will pump some much- needed revenue into the local economy. city leaders are worried about the crowds. the covalla point is the only viewing point. extra security will be brought
8:51 am
in. a giant construction project is nowunderway in minneapolis. this is new -- is now underway in it minneapolis. this is the metrodome the, home of the minnesota vikings. project managers hope to finish the job in three weeks just in time for vikings' preseason football if the football season takes place. now, last december, a powerful twinter storm caused the inflatable roof to cave in, massivants of snow fell onto the football field and created a tear it in the roof as you can see. the roof's new material is set to be stronger than steel. it's desteined to stand up to even the -- desteined to stand up to even the most powerful winter storm. the alameda county fair was a big success this year thank is -- thanks in part to the largest hamburger in the world. it's a 770-pound burger, set a new world record. bites of this burger were sold for about 99 cents each to
8:52 am
benefit the alameda county food bank. the they had more than 450,000 people come out to the fair. next year, maybe it -- it may be even bigger. the fair will be celebrating its 100th anniversary t. >> that's a big deal. maybe they will have a bigger burger to celebrate. the sky will be filled with smoke in one part of the bay area this morning. but that's not a reason to panic. right now, sockers fans -- we're looking -- soccer fans -- we're looking at them it now, see that big screen. he are all outside of san francisco city hall they are looking for the big soccer match that's about to start in a couple of minutes. plan
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
tonight a fund-raiser will be held in san francisco to mark the 29th birthday of shane bauer. one of two uc berkeley graduates. >> it the two men have been in prison for nearly two years. sarah shourd will speak at the fund-raiser tonight. it's scheduled for 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the rako photo it center on 3 third street. the money raised will go to pay their legal fees. you will see fire in parts of santa clara county today. it's part of a controlled burn t will happen on mount hamilton road. the goal is to control the tweeds out there it and also to protect it against 2005s. and freight trains.
8:56 am
the noise, yen tway, may be -- the noise, anytway, the press democrat reports the know straw toe city council it it revised a league settlement the contract allows train noise and it traffic during certain times of the day. the freight trains it will be hauling twine, lumber and feed it as well as grain. bay area fans will get another chance to see some of their american idol favorites perform tonight. last season's top 11 contestants look the stable it in it oakland last night. tonight, the idol crew makes a stop at the hp pavilion in it san jose. tickets start at $42. another big event begins in just fa few minutes at 9:00 a.m -- just a few minutes at 9:00 a.m. , the u.s. will face france. it team-to-pulled off an
8:57 am
incredible comeback strictvy with brazil. the u.s. women are just one win away from reaching their first world cup final since 1999. the game is being shown on a big screen tat the civic center plaza. you are looking at a live picture at the plaza where the exstatement has been building all morning. soccer fans can it watch all of the ack shue on the it big screen for -- action on the big screen for free. sal's ready. it take it another look at our commute? >> that's trite. it's getting a little bit better. let's take a look at some of these commute pictures. 2 0 is not bad getting up to -- 280 is not bad getting up to 17. hopefully the airports will become a little bit less -- fewer delay the because of the better visibility. this morning's commute at the toll plaza has lightened up. let's go to steve. sal, cloudy skies it will an cool day t light drizzle mist all the way to santa rosa
8:58 am
and morgan hill t so that tells us it's gonna be a cool day, temperatures will slowly recover and we'll see a little bit more sun. it's definitely a split between it those people who love the weather and those looking forward to the heat. >> i would say the cool twins out. >> all right. dash twin -- wins cut. >> i >> all right. based on twitter. >> all right. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> bye now. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year. long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive.
8:59 am
not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all.

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